Thursday, July 11, 2013


My good friend and colleague and I decided to take advantage of a rather unsettled weather day to do some classroom shopping.  We went to our nearest Lakeshore Learning Store to check out the 20% off deals!  Upon arrival we discovered that there was a Dollar Tree right next door; a teacher's dream!  We decided to start at the Dollar Tree and started to shop with our theme in mind.  See if you can guess what our theme is this year!  Here is what I got at the Dollar Tree:

I looooooooooooooooooove the Dollar Tree!  I only spent $6!!!  Here's a breakdown of what I got:
Aren't these cute?  Not sure what I will use them for yet.  Maybe for some sort of center game....

I just couldn't pass these up.  These will go with our theme (and my black Danskos) swimmingly!

Grabbed these wall decals too.  We didn't realize they were double sided until we checked out!

I also grabbed this alphabet chart (even though I have a few already) because it goes with our theme.

Once we did some damage at the Dollar Tree, it was time to move on to Lakeshore!!!!  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I wanted to buy the whole store!  Here is what I got:
Don't mind my dogs paw in the background, lol!  I was able to escape the store with spending only $44.44!   Here is the breakdown of what I got:

 We grabbed this awesome tropical foliage fadeless paper.  We saw it in their flyer a month ago and couldn't wait to get it!  Now, I cannot wait to put it up!  I also grabbed a 4 pack of animal print borders to go along with it.

 Got some more cut-outs.  Again, not sure what I'l be using these for yet.

Uppercase and Lowercase magnetic letters for working on the easel!  These were 50% off each!

 A new weather chart!  Need to get this laminate at school before I use it!

Check out this adorable height chart!  Can't wait to measure those kiddos!

 I got this reusable shopping bag for free when I signed up for their text alerts.  How cute is this?!

And, my free lesson plan book for spending $20.  I usually do my plans on the computer, but there are some components of this that I will use.

As if I hadn't already bought enough, I picked up these items in Target's Dollar Spot:

That's all for now!  I have a few more pictures from another Dollar Tree trip to post soon!  Can you guess our theme this year?
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