Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy 100th Day!

We finally made it to day 100!  Thanks to a few snow days, it took a little longer to get there!  It was quite the hectic day.  It was our 100th day, one of the Superintendent candidates was visiting our school and we had our rehearsal for the Black History Month performance.  We celebrated today by making these adorable 100 Days of School hat from The Mailbox:

This is my sample, that's why there are a MILLION staples in it! Once we finished this, we did our calendar routine where we put the last apple on our 100 Days tree and we counted all the way to 100 by ones, fives and tens.  After, we completed a short beginning sounds worksheet.  Before we knew it, it was time to rehearse our song for the Black History performance.  We are teaming up with the other four Kinder classes and singing "Freedom, Freedom".  It was so cute to see them all together!

  After lunch we continued our 100th day activities.  My volunteer read them a book about a centipede and his 100 shoes.  The title is escaping me....We then gave each table a manipulative bucket.  We had 5 students at each table (luckily 2 Kinders were out!) and instructed each of them to count out 20 pieces.  Once everyone at the table completed that task we put each group of twenty into the middle of the table to see what 100 looked like.  We then put them into groups of 10 so we could count by ten and then further divided them into groups of 5.  After that was complete we did a 100 coloring sheet.  The day completely flew by...At the end of the day I took down our 100 Days tree and started the brainstorm what would go there next.  I'll save that for my next post!
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Monday, February 18, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things!

Amy from Literacy and Laughter is hosting a linky party to showcase all of the things she loves this month.  With me being on vacation this week I have some time to work on this!  Here is my "Love Note":

“Lovely List”
Name: Laurie
Grade you Teach: Kindergarten 
State: Massachusetts
Birthday: October 12th 
Favorite Colors: Purple
Lucky Number: 12
Favorite Subject to Teach: ELA
Go to Snack: Cheez-Its
TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Last Movie You Watched: Here Comes the Boom
Music You are Loving Right Now:   Maroon 5, love me some Adam Levine!
Always shopping at: Target
Word of the day: Goofy
Love Links!
share links to:
a blog you are loving right now:
Clutter-Free Classroom
 I love her ideas and have used some in my classroom!

a product you adore:
Isn't that sad?  That's how germy this winter has been...

"We'd all love to know...."

What are your favorite hobbies or what do you enjoy doing during your free time?   
Aside from blogging, I love to cruise and spend some of my time on Cruise Critic reading reviews.  I also love to bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes:

Your favorite vacation destination:
Where ever this ship will take me!  I love to cruise!

The best advice you have been given:
Live in the Here and Now

Most rewarding part of teaching:
The moment when one of your students "gets it".  I especially take delight in this when it is one of my ASD kiddos.

What are you known for:
My delicious cupcakes!

       Random Fact #1
All of my husbands friends are either dating, engaged to or married to a teacher.  Including my husband that's 5 guys!

Random Fact #2
I love tea and would love to go to England and have a proper good cup of tea!

The loves of your life:
My husband and daughter on our Disney Cruise last July.

 Bruce, our Chow Chow

 Scooby, our cat

I hope you all take the time to write up your own love notes!  I had a great time making mine and I'd love to read yours!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a whirlwind it has been this week.  We only just returned to school yesterday due to Nemo!  So, getting ready for Valentine's Day was a little rushed.  Luckily we had a library visit scheduled for today so that helped in the planning bit!  Here is the morning message I wrote for the students this AM:

The Kinders are doing a great job identifying words and reading the messages together in unison.  After we worked on that the Kinders did a missing number Valentine sheet until it was time to head to the library.  Once we were at the library, we listened to two great stories, shook our sillies out and then made an adorable Valentine's Day card craft.  After all of that fun, we headed back to school and this was waiting for me from Mr. Sommer:

Gorgeous!  The rest of the day seemed to fly by quickly!  The kiddos exchanged their Valentine's Cards, watched a Valentine's Cat in the Hat and before we knew it, it was time to go home!  I also received another special gift today.  My Para's son is the same age as my daughter.  He attends the preschool at our school and will sometimes spend Friday afternoons with us due to early dismissal.  He loves to come to the room and apparently, he loves me for letting him come to the room.  Here is what he begged his Mom to get him to give to me:

How sweet is he?!  It got me all teary eyed; what a cutie he is!  I hope everyone had a great time today!  Next, we will be gearing up for the 100th day which will happen after February vacation!
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzard + Snow Day = First Freebie!

Hi all!  We survived NEMO!  We lost power for about 24 hours.  Let me tell you, 24 hours was long enough to go without power and heat!  Unfortunately, some parts of there area here still remain without power and heat!  We are very thankful to the linemen and other service workers who have been working to keep everyone safe and warm.  With that said, I've been housebound since Friday afternoon.  It was a blessing in disguise as I think my daughter is finally getting over the virus she's had for over a week now.  I've also been able to use that time to create my first freebie!  I have been making thing here and there but haven't posted anything due to being afraid of violating any TOU.  After talking with a fellow blogger I was able to create a little something to share with you all.

We are working hard on creating and decoding CVC words in our classroom.  I whipped this little diddy up to make it a little more fun for my Kinders.  This one is using the "-at" family words. I hope that you are able to use this too!


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