Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mrs. Sommer is Missing!

Yesterday I wasn't feeling 100%, and with all those germs going around, I decided it'd be best if I stayed home.  Needless to say, my Kinders missed me.  While I was out they did a lesson about me being "missing".  They were to draw me and what I usually do every day.  Here is what they came up with (they are soooooooooooo cute):

Here I am introducing a color by number sheet:

We must be singing here because our mouths are wiiiiiiide open!:

Here we are doing the calendar:

Not sure what we are doing here, dancing maybe?

Clearly, we are doing the alphabet!:

Here is one of my repeater ASD kiddo.  So proud of him, this picture is AMAZING!

I'm not sure what I'm next to but I have a cute bow in my hair and green shoes!

Love this!  I guess my Kinders picture me in jeans!  I only wear them on Fridays!

Here I am in front of the whiteboard!:

 I love seeing how the Kinders see me and what we do each day.  It is really sweet to see this.  This is probably the best illustrations they have provided so far this year.  I was so happy to come in to these this morning; it warmed my heart!

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