Thursday, December 26, 2013

13 for 13!

Well, our Christmas excitement has come and gone.  We will be having Christmas dinner with my family tonight but all gifts were opened last night and this morning.  Now we are sitting around and playing with the things my daughter received last night.  We have built one Lego Dolphin Cruiser, baked chocolate chip cookies in the Easy Bake Oven and have played farm with her Melissa & Doug barn.  Now, I have a few minutes to think of 13 memories I have made over this past year.  I am doing mine a little differently.  I am going to pick one memory from each month and then I will choose one word to keep close in 2014.

We rented a manor in North Conway, NH with a bunch of our friends.  There were 13 adults and 3 kids in total.  We have been doing this yearly, but, we are not this year.  We are hoping to do something in the Summer months instead.  It was a lot of fun.  We went tubing and for a sleigh ride as well.  It was a wonderful weekend with friends!

In February, we had a blizzard!  The storm was named Nemo and that gives me a chuckle.  We lost power and were without it for 2 whole days.  Luckily, we have a generator so, we were able to run the heat, fridge, hot water, toaster over and microwave.  We had fun living by candle light for a few days.  :)

Easter!  We had a blast decorating eggs, going on  an Easter egg hunt and spending time with family!

 We have a beautiful daffodil field in town and we always visit every year.  The sight is just beautiful, this picture does it no justice!

BOSTON!  We looooooove Boston!  The Public Garden and Common are gorgeous in the Spring time.  It was very somber as this was the first time we had gone into the city after the Marathon bombing.

Took a trip to Chatam to see the seals and enjoy the beach!  I was finally on Summer vacation after 5 make up days due to the blizzard!

We went to the zoo on on of the hottest days of the Summer with my co-teacher and her daughter.  I even took a picture of the temperature reading on the stroller.  I don't know how we made it that day but it was a HOT one!

Cassie had her first friends only birthday party at the Ocean Explorium.  She and her friends had a blast.  I can't believe she is 4!


I received my call to return to work and began to set up my new classroom.  I was able to move into a bigger classroom which I was super excited about because it put me right next to my lovely co-teacher!

We took Cassie apple picking for the first time this Fall.  We all had a blast!

I found these guys strolling around right after Thanksgiving.  Guess they felt they were safe seeing as Thanksgiving had past!  I have never seen this many together before!

Walking on the Duck Pond in Boston.  The temp dropped for a few days and the pond was frozen solid!  We were making our way to Georgetown Cupcake and decided to get out on the ice.  It was a lot of fun!


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Sunday, December 22, 2013

PHEW! I survived!

I am sooooooooooooooooo happy to officially be on vacation!  I didn't feel that last week was that bad until my body started to relax on Friday night.  By Saturday morning both of my shoulders hurt, one had a knot the size of a golf ball in it and it was causing a pain to run from my shoulder right down to the thumb!  I am feeling much better today!  My fantastic husband has given me a couple of good shoulder rubs and I think he worked the knot out.  Here are a couple pictures of the spirit days we had:
This was Polar Express Day.  I didn't wear my PJs because I was heading to my daughters holiday program that afternoon.  That's okay, my partner took it to the next level.  :)

Santa Day!

 We crammed a lot of stuff into the last few days of school and I didn't get to take pictures of any of it!  I am such a bad blogger!!!!!  Our themes next month are going to be Gingerbread and Winter.  I am excited because I have a lot of cute things for Gingerbread!  I want to wish you all a very happy holiday and a happy and healthy 2014!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Elf Day!

The week before Christmas vacation is always Spirit Week at our school.  Today was Elf day.  I have an incredibly creative and talented co-teacher so we had such cute elf costumes!  Here we are:

We were life-sized Elves on the Shelf!  She made our collars and skirts; she's awesome!  Some of our kiddos didn't have an elf hat of their own, so we made some!  Here is one of my sweeties fast asleep, someone had a long weekend!:

Bell, our clasroom elf had also left us a note:
 She was sitting beside our pretty tree:

I couldn't resist a selfie:
 Tomorrow is Grinch Day!  Can't wait to see what it brings!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Questionnaire

I am linking up with Michelle over at Fabulous in First.  She has put out a Christmas Questionnaire and I am playing along!  If you'd like to join in too, click the button below to join in!

Here we go!

Hot Chocolate or Eggnog? 
Neither!  I looooooooooove chocolate but I just cannot get past the texture of hot chocolate.  And has the word egg in it so I won't even go near it!  I'd rather have a nice piping hot cup of tea!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them underneath the tree? 
Santa wraps them unless it is something really big.

Colored lights or white? 
White!  I don't mind the colored lights but I love the clean nostalgic look of the white lights.

When do you decorate? 
The day after Thanksgiving we start putting the decor up around the house.  Then the outdoor decor follows soon.  The last thing that goes up is the tree because we get a real one.

Real or Fake Tree? 
Well, I just answered this above, lol!  We get a real tree.  As nice and easy as getting a fake one sounds, I just can't bring myself to do it!

What Tops Your Tree?
A pretty, sparkly, star that I bought on clearance the day after Christmas at Target a few years ago.

Favorite Christmas Memories or Traditions?
When I was a kid we used to go out and visit with everyone on Christmas Eve.  We would got to 5 or 6 houses and hang out for a while, exchange presents and have fun.  I miss it!      

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?I had a few but one that really sticks with me is my typewriter.  I know.  Who gets excited over a typewriter?

Do prefer giving or receiving? 
I love giving.  I love to see everyone's reactions.  I also like to get little homemade gifts from my daughter now that she is in preschool.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
 Winter Wonderland

Candy Canes. Yuck or Yum? 

Favorite Christmas Movie? 
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Do you shop online or at stores?  

Photo Cards, Letter or Store Bought Card? 
Photo cards!  I love to see everyone's cute pictures!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Elf has Arrived!

Last week when we came back from Thanksgiving break, we were surprised by a knock at our classroom door.  I opened the door and there was a mysterious package!  It was soooooooo cold and the Kinders were super excited!

They could not wait for me to open the package when I told them that the return address was: S. Claus North Pole!  So, I tore into it and this is what we found:

We read the story together and then it was time to choose a name for our little elf!

As you can see, Bell won!  We are so happy to have her in the classroom and have begun writing in our Elf journals.  I will post more soon!
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