Sunday, January 27, 2013

Behold, the "Q" Matrix!

As I said in my blog post yesterday, I attended a workshop on differentiate instruction.  Here was another tool we learned about and I cannot wait to use it with my Kinders.  This, is the "Q" matrix:

This handy dandy matrix can be used in a variety of way!  The questions in the red quadrant are the ones we hear the most, they are simple, dead-ended, knowledge based questions.  The yellow questions are "caution" questions.  We are able to find out a little more information using these questions.  The green questions are "go" questions.  Using these questions we can gain even MORE information.  Lastly, the blue questions are "Sky's the limit" questions.  These are very open ended and often times give us the most information.  Here is another breakdown of these questions:


This would be useful for students when they are looking for specific types of information.  I'd love to start using this in my classroom because I always get those red zone questions.  Unfortunately, the Kinders aren't very curious, so this will help them to learn to be curious.  I think we will start a weekly game of "What's in the box?" and I will teach them to start using yellow zone questions.  The possibilities with the Q matrix are endless!
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