Sunday, June 1, 2014

June, June, June....

It's the month that many teachers in the Northeast look forward to.  And, I usually do too.  But, this year, I wasn't because I knew my hubby would be traveling a lot for work this June.  So here it is, the first of June and I am dreading the next 27 days.  Not because of school, but, because hubby will be in and out a lot.  :(  Anyway, to keep myself busy I worked on my Currently.

Listening:  DD got Disney Infinity at Easter time.  She has slowly but surely been learning how to play.

Loving:  I love that my family, neighbors and friends are very supportive and have offered to help in anyway they can this month.

Thinking:  I am super excited about my nautical theme for next year.  I cannot wait to get started on it!

Wanting:  I hate to wish the days away, but, I'd love for hubby to be done traveling!

Needing:  I was up at 4am to take the hubby to the airport.  I am ZONKED!

Bucket List:  Like I said, I can't wait to work on things for next school year!
                     Can't wait to spend time with my little family.
                     Read, read, read.  I never get to do enough of this!

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  1. I hate that you have to be away from your hubby so long! Hopefully the days will fly for you! Visiting from Farley.
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. Thanks! I hope time will pass quickly, too. Have a great Summer!

  2. The nautical theme is starting to be everywhere! I can't wait to see some pictures. I am your newest follower!

    Funky in Fourth

    1. Thanks! I am super excited to get working on it.