Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My New Classroom

Seeing as I'm just hanging around waiting for this little one to make her appearance I thought I'd share some pictures I have taken of my new classroom.  I'm moving from a larger Kindergarten room to a smaller second grade room, but, this room does have its perks.  There is no carpeting in this room which is great!  The carpeting in the other classrooms are as old as the school and are in need of being replaced.  This room also gets a lot of sunlight, my old room did not.  This is a blessing and a curse.  I love, love, love natural light, it keeps me going, but in the Summer it will be hotter.  I am planning on going in tomorrow to take some measurements and to jot down where electrical outlets are as well as internet outlets.  That's just as long as I don't go into labor tonight!  Ok, time for the pictures:

This is looking to the front of the room from the back right corner.  You can see the front door to the left, this leads out into the hallway.  I have a lot of open space to play with and I am thinking I am going to put the desks into groups of 4.

This is the view from the front door area.  To the left you can see one of the back doors, this door opens up into the cafeteria.  On the back wall is my one and only window that opens.  I am afraid that I will die of heat in there in the Summer but a teacher that was previously in this room told me that there is a breeze.
This is the front of the room.  The teacher had her group teaching area over there.  I'm not sure if I will keep it that way or move it.  Not sure I like that the computers are there in the middle of it.
This is the wall on the right side of the room.  There is a door toward the left that leads into the classroom next to mine.  The one good thing about this wall is that it is completely magnetic!  Hoping to use this area to display student's work as well as hang anchor charts.
I'm hoping to come up with some really good ideas on how to set up the room once I get in, get measurements and find out where my limited amount of outlets are.  I hate moving into a new room, I feel like I never know how to set it up best.  How do you/did you decide to set up your classroom when you first moved in? Any suggestions?

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  1. Super cute! It still looks like a big room. I"m jealous of how much you can post on the walls! Our fire department is very specific, and we can't put paper within 3 feet of the ceiling, and it cannot cover more than 50% of the walls- and that includes bulletin boards! Good luck with the room, and with the new little one. :)

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    1. Thank you! Our fire department just asks that we do not have anything hanging on our doors. We are pretty lucky!