Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a whirlwind it has been this week.  We only just returned to school yesterday due to Nemo!  So, getting ready for Valentine's Day was a little rushed.  Luckily we had a library visit scheduled for today so that helped in the planning bit!  Here is the morning message I wrote for the students this AM:

The Kinders are doing a great job identifying words and reading the messages together in unison.  After we worked on that the Kinders did a missing number Valentine sheet until it was time to head to the library.  Once we were at the library, we listened to two great stories, shook our sillies out and then made an adorable Valentine's Day card craft.  After all of that fun, we headed back to school and this was waiting for me from Mr. Sommer:

Gorgeous!  The rest of the day seemed to fly by quickly!  The kiddos exchanged their Valentine's Cards, watched a Valentine's Cat in the Hat and before we knew it, it was time to go home!  I also received another special gift today.  My Para's son is the same age as my daughter.  He attends the preschool at our school and will sometimes spend Friday afternoons with us due to early dismissal.  He loves to come to the room and apparently, he loves me for letting him come to the room.  Here is what he begged his Mom to get him to give to me:

How sweet is he?!  It got me all teary eyed; what a cutie he is!  I hope everyone had a great time today!  Next, we will be gearing up for the 100th day which will happen after February vacation!
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