Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Love Starfall!

  I was first introduced to Starfall when I was still in Graduate School.  I thought it was an excellent resource and I couldn't wait to use it in the classroom!  Today we had some extra computer lab time, so I set the students up on Starfall and they were working away.  I find that this website is especially great for those of my students on the spectrum.  Watching one of my ASD students was singing along to the alphabet song and was guessing all of the letters correctly in the alphabet maze; it was great!

  I also love the Starfall ABCs iPad/iPhone app.  My daughter has been using it for a while and she loves it. It is just the alphabet portion of Starfall but it the exactly the same as it is on the computer!  They also have a Learn to Read app as well as 4 other themed apps that are also on the Starfall website.

  Another neat thing about Starfall is that they have free downloads.  I love to use the ABC Printouts with my kiddos when we are learning letter sounds.  It's really great because the correspond with the pictures and words used on the website/app as well. 

  If you haven't already go check out Starfall! You'll love it!
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