Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf Journals Cont.

Yesterday we found Rosabelle on our cabinet with a note from Santa.  Here are two writing examples from yesterday:

The students copied the sentence from the whiteboard and had to draw their own picture.  The first example is from one of my regular ed students.  She has super handwriting and she is very detail oriented!  The second example is from one of my ASD kiddos.  He is a repeater and has worked so very hard last year as well as this year and he is doing so well!

The day before yesterday, Rosabelle was on the shelf.  How appropriate!  She was sitting beneath the palm tree and next to the luau pig!  The examples here are from the same students shown above:

Again, the students had to copy the sentence from the whiteboard and draw their own picture.  The students are doing really well creating these sentences together as well as copying them from the board.  They are putting their sight word knowledge to good use!

Here is what Rosabelle was up to today:

She made a mess of our name card on the chart and she added her own name!  I'll post some student writing examples tomorrow!  Rosabelle might be staying in the North Pole tonight as the kiddos were a little out of hand today. 
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