Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Semi-Extended Holiday Break...

I was due to go back to work this past Thursday, and, I did.  Funny thing about it was that we were in the beginning of a huge snowstorm.  So, by noon Thursday school had already been cancelled for Friday.  Which, I am glad we only have to make up one snow day so far, but I would have loved an extended vacation!  We ended up getting about a foot of snow.  Here is my awesome hubby helping the neighbors clean up:

Not only did we have a ton of snow, the temperature dropped way below normal!  We were experiencing negative temps without windchill! I was surprised that he nor the dog were icicles when they came in!  Our dog is a Chow Chow and he L.O.V.E.S the snow!  Here he is with DD:

We only lasted for 15 minutes outside, it was beyond cold!  I spent the majority of my day cleaning the house and doing laundry.  DD helped me to take the Christmas things down and we started putting up some Valentine's Day decor.  I know it is early, but, DD loves to decorate!  I also spent some time making a bunch of these:

 They are so super simple to make and they are beautiful!  I already have some hanging in my classroom, but, I wanted to make some for my co-teacher's room too.  If you are interested in making these, this is a great video tutorial: 

I am beginning to gear up to head back on Monday.  It's going to be tough!  What did you do on your break?

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