Monday, January 13, 2014

Positive Reinforcement

I thought I'd take some time to show two quick and easy things we do in our classroom to reinforce great behavior and hard work.  The first thing we use is the good ole' sticker chart.  My wonderful volunteer makes a chart that corresponds with each month.  This month it is mittens:

Aren't they cute?  We mainly give stickers for great behavior, if the class is working quietly as a while and when they complete testing (DIBELs, DRAs, etc.).  We also set a goal of 10.  If they get ten stickers on their chart before the end of the month, they get to go into the prize bin!  It is really simple and it gives them a goal to work toward.  They get to take their charts home with them at the end of the month too!

The next reinforcement we use are tickets!  The student earn tickets based on their coloring.  We follow the 3 Star Coloring rules as seen here.  That is not my chart, but, that is where I got the idea!  We have the chart hanging in the room and often remind the Kinders about it.  Here is the picture of our ticket bucket:

So, if they earn 3 stars on their coloring they receive one ticket.  If they go above and beyond and get 4 stars they receive two tickets.  Every week I pick one boy and one girl from the bucket and they get to go to the special prize bin! 

These systems have been working well.  What do you use in your classroom?
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